Getting to Calgary

Getting to Calgary
Getting to Calgary

Getting to Calgary

Everything you need to know to get to and from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Airport & Air Travel

Getting to Calgary is easy with many transportation options to travel from destinations around the world. With one of the world's most modern and welcoming airports, getting to Calgary by air is easy with commercial airline access and other options available to travellers.

YYC Calgary International Airport

The international airport is conveniently located in the northeast of Calgary, approximately 20 minutes from the downtown core. Rental cars, taxis, limousines, and airport shuttles are available at the airport.


Getting to Calgary by car is easy with connections to several major highway systems. Calgary is accessible by the Trans-Canada Highway (also known as the #1 Highway) and Alberta Highway 2 (also known as Queen Elizabeth II Highway). These highways link Calgary to Banff, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Edmonton, and the United States border.

Bus Services & Private Shuttle

Bus tours are a popular way to travel to Calgary and explore surrounding areas, like the Canadian Rockies, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the Canadian Badlands. Charter a group tour or book a single seat for a safe and reliable way to explore Alberta.

Many shuttle services are available to Calgary and from YYC Calgary International Airport to major hotels and motels. Private group bookings are also a great way to explore Calgary, Kananaskis, Banff, and beyond.

Please note that there is no Greyhound service in Western Canada, including all destinations west of Sudbury.

RV Travel

Getting to Calgary in an RV is a popular and accessible way to travel to the city. The Trans-Canada Highway is a major route for RVs to enter Calgary from the Canadian Rockies and beyond. RV friendly routes with multiple lanes and clearly marked exits make it easy to navigate the city once you arrive: Stoney Trail (Highway 201), Deerfoot Trail (Highway 2), Glenmore Trail, and 16th Avenue NE & NW

Train Travel

Regular passenger services that are strictly transportation-based are not currently offered in Calgary. If you are looking only for transportation services as opposed to a luxury train service, you will need to arrive by car, bus, or air.

Crossing the Canadian Border

All visitors to Canada arriving from a different country must cross the Canadian border and pass through customs. Visitors arriving by air travel will complete the customs process at the airport upon arrival in Canada.

Please note, rental cars cannot travel over international borders and be dropped off in a different country. All rental cars must be returned in their country of origin. For example, a rental car from the state of Montana cannot be returned in the province of Alberta.