• Make a date with a celebrity chef. Taste Connie de Sousa’s artisan charcuterie at Charcut, pick your own salad greens in Paul Rogalski’s garden at Rouge, belly up to the oyster bar at Catch with Kyle Groves, or carve into a tender bison steak, perfectly seared by John Donovan at Divino.
  • Quirky is the common denominator. Calgary’s food scene has been witness to many new and exciting restaurants. The Big Cheese Poutinerie has taken a new twist on poutine offering great variety like the “Scottish Curry on Yamtastic fries.” Another city favorite is Jelly Modern Doughnut, where bacon is one of the main ingredients in their gourmet kitchen. Quirky foods can be found in food trucks and restaurants, worth a day of culinary adventure.
  • From Caesars to Ciders, It all started with the Caesar in 1969 but continues to evolve with health conscious cocktails at Raw Bar to mead flavours at Chinook Honey Company.
  • Lager Love. Smell the rich spicy aromas and taste the tangy hops, here in the beer capital, where we grow the finest malt barley for the world’s unique craft brews. Raise a glass – or 100 – at Calgary’s great gastropubs and tap into the secrets of hefeweizen, IPAs and sweet Belgian blondes. Want to stay local, enjoy a behind-the scenes tour and get a taste of grains like barley, local beers and walk along overhead on the metal catwalk to see the operation in full swing.