72 Hours of Thrills in Calgary

Canoes on the lake
Canoes on the lake
Adrenaline Rush

72 Hours of Thrills in Calgary

Get your heart pumping with 72 hours of adrenaline action in Calgary with Lauren McPhillips

If I’m being honest, adventure is not my middle name. It’s not even my last name and it’s certainly not my nickname. You won’t find me skydiving or bungee jumping, and you’re not gonna see me snowboarding down black diamonds in the winter months. Nope. No way. Not gonna happen.

But on my trip to Calgary last summer? I was Miss Adventure. 


So whether you live in the city or are headed over for a holiday, check out a few of adrenaline-rushing ways we got our thrills in our 72 hours spent in Calgary.

Rafting into the city

I’ve entered cities by car, train, bus, tuk-tuk and bike – but by raft? This was a first. The girls and I hopped in a raft several kilometres up the Bow River and took an awesome three-hour journey into the city, soaking up the sun and getting a serious bicep workout when we hit the rapids. Just when we wondered exactly how long this river was (and if we had somehow missed a turn-off in the midst of our sun-worshipping) we turned a corner and boom – Calgary appeared right before us just like Emerald City. Now THAT is one hell of a commute.


Cycling through the streets

Once we hopped out of our raft and walked five minutes to the city centre, we found the best way to explore Calgary was on two wheels. Not only was it super easy to get around, but the city is massively bike-friendly, too. I actually don’t ride a bike in Toronto because it’s essentially a death trap, but Calgary has designated bike lanes with barriers (because really, cars don’t always adhere to painted lines). Hire a bike and you’ll discover parts of the city you wouldn’t have otherwise, plus get a killer leg workout in the process. 

WinSport bobsleigh

WinSport Summer Bobsleigh

Bobsledding the Olympic Track

Skyline Luge

Skyline Luge Calgary

Luging (or Mario Karting…)

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Day tripping to Lake Louise

Lauren McPhillips

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